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About Velour


Having bad skin knocks confidence. After trialing large cosmetic brands and medically-prescribed ointments, we realised that synthetic skincare products do not always succeed in improving skin health. In fact, some can have an adverse effect.

We believe that any remedy should be organic to naturally boost the body's ability to repair and rejuvenate skin, while ensuring harmful chemicals are not absorbed in the process. This provides a sustainable and healthy skin care practice which does not come at the expense of overall wellbeing.  


Velour Skincare is an emerging brand established in the United Kingdom, with roots in Scotland. We believe in working alongside local suppliers to source the best quality ingredients to use in our products, which are responsibly sourced and ethically produced. We strive to use sustainable packaging wherever possible to improve our carbon footprint and reduce environmental waste. 

We refuse to engage with businesses or use ingredients which involve unethical practices which damage the environment, such as palm oil. 

All of our products are handmade to ensure that the production is of the highest quality and we are aware of the exact contents.

Natural - Organic - Vegan 

We believe that skin is healthiest when skincare products are made from natural ingredients and are free from synthetic chemicals and fragrances. 

We can say proudly that all of our products are made using organic and vegan ingredients. 

We follow the science to ensure we use only naturally healing ingredients which are proven to replenish and repair your skin, while reversing previous damage. 

No Animal Cruelty

At Velour, we are focused on contributing to a more sustainable world which includes protecting the animals that we love and live alongside. 

For several good reasons, we make certain all of our finished products, ingredients, raw materials and suppliers do not participate in testing which involves animals. 

Our commitment to this is unwavering. Our products are 100% vegan, which gives both our customers & us the satisfaction of using beautiful treatments that are healthy and animal cruelty free!